Nov 25, 2014

The polishing method for acrylic products

Most of acrylic products need the polishing process during producing.  After polishing grinding, acrylic products become more beautiful and shiny, bright as new. We usually use diamond polishing and flame polishing methods.

 1.  Diamond polishing

Planing and sanding acrylic products to make the surface smooth, also can use diamond polishing machine. Diamond polishing only produce very few heat during working, generally will not make acrylic residual stress. If the acrylic surface roughness, such as cutting section, need to be planed and / or grinding surface to a flat object before polishing.

 2 . Flame polishing

We need to use oxyhydrogen flame, and a flame nozzle holes to do it. Flame polishing make quite acrylic polishing surface smooth, commonly used in the fault plane polishing. The rough surface, need to be planed and / or sanding object surface to a flat, and then to flame polishing. Flame moving average rate of about 6 m/min.. Moving average rate is slow, the polished surface smoothness is better; but the movement is too slow, the polished surface may burn or bubble. It must be noted that, flame polishing will make acrylic residual stress. The follow-up after surface treatment, may lead to cracking.

Recommend a good Chinese display stands manufacturer

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May 21, 2014

How to find a good display stands supplier?

Maybe you have a good idea for a point of sales display stands, but you don't know how to let it become to true from drawing, because you don't know which maker can be trusted.  How to find a proper supplier from the millions of factory in the world? Now there is some tips for you.

1. Quality Assurance
Quality is the most important for most businessmen. Noboday can bear to use money buy rubbish. So the supplier must can promise "Quality assurance". When you are not satisfactory with the goods because the poor quality, just tell them and show the proof, they will rework or remake for you without any excuses.

2. Reasonable price

Reasonable price is much better than cheapest price. You got what you paid. No businessmen want to lose money just because he want to get your order. When he realize that the order will let him lose money, he will have to use worse material and reduce the manpower to save the cost.

3. Good service

Customers always are gods, the words are not right in different factory. Sometimes, the suppliers only service you well before he got the order and got the payment, after that, some of them will loose patience to keep going. So you need to do more test to identify the really good ones.

4. Short delivery time

Time is money, everybody knows it well. So you must get your display stands fast, occupy the market earlier, then yon can win the war.

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The best display stands factory in China

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Wall mounted acrylic CD display racks

Man shaped acrylic wine display stands 



May 7, 2014

2014 Hot sale elegant photo frames

What's the most popular acrylic photo frames in 2014?  Do you hope to find an elegnat design for your lover / your family / friend etc? Now please go to visit the China professional photo frames factory website for details. There are many unique, nice photo frames, picture frames on this website, as they are origin factory, you can customize any items that you want, deal at cheap price, good quality, also fast service. Now let's have a look at some of their items.

Acrylic photo frames

Cheap photo frames

Unique photo frames
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Elegant toothbrush and toothpaste holders

Recently our company designed one new style toothbrush and toothpaste holder, it's made of high quality acrylic, elegant design, good quality, cheap price, size and color can be customized as per your requirements,welcome to inquire!

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Jun 1, 2013

Prospect of domestic hardware mould manufacturing prospects

China will gradually realize the change from the mold manufacturing power to mold manufacturing power, such consensus long-standing. Equipment manufacturing industry is the Chinese industry and the national economy "engine" and "heart", the equipment manufacturing industry, especially the major technical equipment, is the embodiment of a country's comprehensive national strength. The revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, the internationalization of developing the equipment manufacturing industry is the inevitable trend of.

2013 is China thoroughly implement the upgrading of a critical year for the development of emerging industries of strategic planning and the transformation of industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry will usher in an important period of development. Chinese equipment manufacturing industry will face the opportunity and challenge coexist, this is because in enter after 2013, although our country will continue to increase investment in large-scale infrastructure construction of high-speed rail and urban rail and so on, in order to stimulate domestic demand, but these must be a building from the tender to the procurement cycle, velocity slowly, to China have been growth decline of the equipment manufacturing industry, promote the short term effect.

Whether it is from the angle of the appreciation of the renminbi, or Chinese enterprises in recent years the cash flow accumulation and international acquisition ability to form perspective, it is a good time to promote Chinese enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions. While the equipment manufacturing enterprises in the overseas market, have a certain "wolf", do not have to always defend, can take the initiative, the court will play. At the same time, also need to previous work, carefully push forward the internationalization strategy.

In the national policy to encourage and support, all over the country to promote the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry mold making great efforts. China's economy has developed to the important transition period, and the mold equipment manufacturing industry is a national strategic transformation of a key pawn. China mold equipment manufacturing industry investment prospects.

Facing the global economic adjustment opportunity, Shandong in-depth implementation of high-quality and efficient industrial development strategy, through increased technological transformation efforts, realize the development of high-end manufacturing breakthrough, boosting the equipment manufacturing industry from large to strong. In 2012, Shandong mold manufacturing equipment technical transformation investment 100 billion yuan, accounting for more than 30% of industrial technology to investment. Increase due to mold the technical innovation investment and high-end industry breakthrough, since the fourth quarter, the province's equipment manufacturing industry development steadily.

The next five years, Xiangyang equipment manufacturing industry will be based on the national manufacturing industry upgrade development needs, develop innovation prominent, high added value, the market has a wide application foreground of high-end equipment and supporting industries, the output value exceeded 100 billion, to speed up the development of aviation and aerospace equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment, rail transportation equipment as the representative high-end equipment manufacturing industry cluster, sustained growth of metal products, casting and forging, mould, bearings and other general equipment manufacturing industry, and actively nurturing the development of electrical equipment, engineering machinery, environmental protection equipment, emergency rescue equipment, manufacturing and other characteristics of the equipment manufacturing industry, the formation of the "1358" key industry development, provide strong support for the building of hard "industry in Xiangyang". In response, Luo Baihui said, the future of import substitution trend of China's mold equipment manufacturing industry obviously. From the past industry experience, China mold equipment manufacturing industry low-end basic field has achieved domestically, domestic enterprises in the high-end field is by virtue of cost comparative advantage, channel, service gradually to replace imported, and is expected to go out of the country into the international market competition. Only in the presence of differentiated competitive advantage in cost, technology, sales channels and service and other aspects of the enterprise, to occupy the dominant position in the fierce market competition tends to. In the specific investment target selection, should focus on the margin of safety as well as some have the high growth potential of emerging high-end manufacturing field.