Feb 8, 2013

Waste plexiglass products processing method

Over the years, with the extensive application of plexiglass products, people began to realize that this new material brought us great convenience and enrich our lives, and also add a beautiful color to our night. Here to explain discarded plexiglass products processing methods:

Separation decomposition technology. For now, in this context the foreign technology is relatively mature, can be added by the plexiglass processing the amount of resin, and its melting point, a softening point of the same, we can use the technology extracting the resin, can make a perfect utilization , of course, it will not harm the atmospheric environment, land resources.

Crafts. Speaking of this may be a bit confused, how will have handicrafts approach it, this is only in a small number of enthusiasts, they abandoned plexiglass products to produce a wide variety of arts and crafts, artsy, and of course this is not the most important they ultimately wanted to express the rational use of aging, abandoned plexiglass products.
Incineration and landfill. This can be said is the most common way, on top of his foreign widely used in the country is not suitable for incineration landfill, environmental pollution and waste of land resources.

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