Apr 27, 2013

How to distinguish two-color molds and rubber mold

A. Double color mould: injection two kinds of plastic materials in the same injection machine, two molding products, but only die once. This is also called double injection molding process, usually by a set of mould, and the need of two-color injection molding machine specialized. Wilson two-color die

B. package of plastic mold (two molding): two kinds of plastic material is not necessarily in the same injection machine molding, molding die two times; product is taken out from a mold, and then into another set of second injection molding mold. Therefore, the completion of the general of the molding process usually consists of 2 sets of molds, without the need for two-color injection molding machine specialized. Bao Jiaomo

Two-color molds and rubber mold overview: rubber mold in the design should pay attention to location of hard plastic, it needs reliable sealing glue and glue pieces have inverse gradient pore, prevent pull plastic deformation. Double color mould are increasingly popular on the market, in this process can make the product more beautiful easy to change color, but can not spray, but expensive, high technical requirements.

The two form of 1.Cavity is different, respectively, forming 1 kinds of products. While the two form Core exactly the same. Before, after the mold 2 mold with the center of rotation of the 180o, must be identical. Design must do the test action. 3 note top pinhole location, the minimum distance of 210mm. The mould shall be appropriately increase the number of ejector rod hole. And, because of the injection molding machine itself comes with a thimble is not long enough, so we must design mold lengthened thimble, thimble grow mold bottom about 150mm. After the board must design the 2 positioning rings. The total thickness of 4 front panel cannot be less than 170mm and A board. Other reference data, please carefully check the type of injection molding machine for example, maximum mold thickness, the minimum allowable mold thickness, top stick hole distance. Nozzle 5 three-plate mold can best designed to automatically release action. Special attention should be paid to release action soft nozzle is *. The depth of 6 SPRUE more than 65mm not front. The upper (gate) the top of the SPRUE to the mold center distance of not less than 150mm. 7 in the design of the second injection of CAVITY, in order to avoid CAVITY insert (or brush) injury first has good forming product glue, can design a part to avoid empty. It must be carefully considered every bit of strength sealing glue, namely: in injection, whether there will be under great pressure in injection molding, plastic deformation, leading to the second injection may have a number of front possible? 8 injection, the first injection molding product size can be slightly larger, so that it can communicate with another CAVITY pressed more tightly in the second molding, in order to achieve the effect of sealing glue. 9 note in the second injection molding, plastic flow impulse whether first has good molding products, so that the plastic deformation? If that is possible, we must think of a way to improve the. In A 10, B plate mold, should pay attention to whether the former mode Slider or Lifter will be reset and the crushed products? So, must think of a way to make the A, B plate mold, after the first mode SLIDER or LIFET to reset. Water transport arrangement of 11 two CAVITY and CORE try to make full, balanced, and as. The 12.99% situation is hard plastic part injection molding products and injection molding products, the soft part. Because plastic deformation.

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