Jan 8, 2013

Four tips of plexiglass brochure holders maintenance

1. Choose good quality plexiglass material.

2. How to deal with scratch of plexiglass brochure holders: Plexiglass processing plexiglass scratch the surface of the article, or less obvious damage, general sanding, grinding time also pay attention to ring mobile sandpaper, and the fineness of the sand should be controlled, and finally with toothpaste wipes can.

3. Plexiglass processing and packing. Recycled materials in the plexiglass plate easier than new material soluble in organic solvents that fill in the engraving after the paint is often the slightest crack in order to better solve this problem, we generally choose. Resins pigment; 2 Choose amino paint (chemical shop sale); polished. fill paint.

4. Plexiglass the information frame processing electrostatic. Plexiglass products easy to produce static electricity, will be attached after the small debris or dust, so the need to use in silkscreen or fill paint before stained with 1% soapy water and a soft cotton cloth to wipe clean, in order to ensure clean.

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