Jan 8, 2013

The introduction of acrylic hot bending processing

Acrylic bending machine real name as it is a plastic plate bending machine for acrylic, plexiglass, PC, PVC, and other plastic sheet processing technology equipment. Through the of angle accurate positioning, using state-of-the-art infrared heating, water circulation cooling system, automatic instant molding with quasi-angle, speed, high efficiency, and deformation of the workpiece, the paste board, not sparkling. The products are widely ads decoration industry, acrylic products industry and other fields, and greatly improve the production process of the plastic plate.

Product Features:1, the angular positioning accuracy, adjustable
2, energy-saving infrared heating temperature According plate nature can be adjusted
According to the material properties, set the time, the temperature automatically and instantly forming
4, the water temperature alarm, leakage protection features to ensure safe operation
5, the heating of the water cycle cooling system mobile platform
6, with the measuring scale to ensure standardization of mass production workpiece
7, bending the workpiece is smooth and no scratches, no distortion, no paste board, not sparkling
8 and intelligent operation panel, easy to operate

Application: Decoration Exhibition, the underside of the billboards, package square columns, cylindrical door, windows and doors, display cabinets, supermarket shelves, acrylic plate bending molding process processing side.

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