Dec 20, 2012

Teach you how to use the tools of acrylic plastic scraper

Acrylic screen printing, ink through the screen transfer to the substrate? How to scrape off the excess ink from the wire-line? How to keep the contact wire mesh substrates lines? A series of questions channeling took us a bit to get to know acrylic silk screen tools, and how to use the the acrylic plastic scraper tools!

How can I print out high-quality prints. Select scraper is very important, especially scraper physical properties play a decisive role, only give full consideration to the scraper and squeegee performance factors to produce high-quality acrylic products. Below to talk about the impact of plastic hanging several factors.

1, the shape of the squeegee
The cross-sectional shape of the squeegee squeegee. Most squeegee shape just a simple square scraping, the other shapes squeegee for specific printing conditions. For example, the a hard squeegee performance than soft gum scraping good, but the ability to adapt to the substrates. With oblique scraping the printing edges easily deformed.
Squeegee for printing workers select three shapes: the scraping edge side scraper (or right-angle), the various oblique scraping and round scraping (horns scraping). Side scraping a wider scope of application, and can provide a maximum pressure of printing, printing point of view, as the effective width given. Oblique scraping to provide maximum flexibility, the printing pressure is reduced, and the printing point is smaller than the set angle. Worst circular scraping adaptive minimum, providing the printing pressure, the printing angle can be set freely (RB is the smallest angle). Above reasons will affect the amount of ink.
2, the choice of the knife-edge
The incision is completed squeegee play an important part of the four functions. The sharpness of the squeegee is initially under the control of the amount of ink a factor. Sharp scraper to provide a minimum lower ink and the most sophisticated image. Blunt the knife-edge of the circle, the next increase in the amount of ink, will also affect the color and fine lines.

3, the hardness of the factors
The squeegee is usually made from polyurethane, hardness tester to measure the softness of the squeegee. Squeegee squeegee hardness, size and scraper shape bending resistance, flexibility and pressure. Hardness ranging from 55 degrees to 90 degrees (Shore A). The hardness value of the Shore A hardness meter. 55A-65A is a low hard plastic scraping, 66A-75A in hard, more than 75A is a high hard.
High hardness squeegee is very beneficial to the first three of the squeegee, ink is pressed into the screen and ink transfer to the substrate from the fine stencil, and keep the line contact of the wire mesh substrates. High hardness squeegee only defects can not meet the printing substrates of different shapes, printing rough surface and smooth surface is also very high quality requirements of the squeegee.

4, the effective width
Refers the gum scraping loaded aluminum scraping the handle protruding from aluminum scraping handle, squeegee width. This width is very important to determine the bending degree of the squeegee under pressure. The degree of curvature is the values ​​of the effective width of the Cube. As twice the effective width of the bending degree of greater than 23.

Squeegee bending will cause two changes: the angle between the squeegee and the screen changes; delivered to the printing on the substrates reduced pressure. Such as squeegee likened to a set of springs, spring began to bend when the spring force angled, the preaching force is getting smaller and smaller. Reduce the angle of squeegee printing, printing pressure, printing result is not satisfactory. Small angle of printing, the printing pressure decreases, the the next ink large amount of ink layer thickness. (In this case, the printing operation will increase the printing pressure, increased bending of the squeegee, the resulting ink layer is still not ideal solution is to increase in the hardness of the squeegee, the squeegee angle increases.) This is effective Squeegee The width of the impact of the four major functions of the squeegee.

Usually effective squeegee width 20MM to 30MM. The best choice of the effective width of the screen image resolution based on the flatness of the substrate, and other printing parameters such as: squeegee angle, speed and ink types. The high resolving power of the image printed in the flat / smooth substrates, effective width of the small (less than 20mm), high hardness, printed with a suitable ink quickly. Uneven, rough substrates, the effective width to increase (and sometimes large sub-30MM), lower hardness, low hardness squeegee adaptability, not bend, can also use the soft middle hard on both sides of the three-scraping or double layer scratch. Typically, the effective width is increased, the printing speed is reduced, and to increase the printing point.

Demand trends for the 2013 Acrylic Displays

2012 is about to become a thing of the past year, Acrylic products have developed rapidly, especially with regard to the acrylic display has become one of our new competitive industry, foreign contention want crowd, the rapid development of the domestic, a large number of low-end display quickly into the market, resulting in the acrylic display industry into a vicious competition, the industry as a whole more difficult environment. Acrylic Display manufacturers Linyi Mary Acrylic Co., Ltd. as an experienced manufacturer, along with the constant development of China Acrylic Display. With the current situation, to be a simple analysis for the 2013 Acrylic Displays a future demand trends.

 China's showcase industry after years of development, its own trend of gradual uncertain environment now can be considered the internal and external problems, opportunities and frustrations parallel showcase Gairuhezou vicious circle. The low-level marketing means can only lead to the enterprise into a vicious competition.
1, the current the domestic display cabinets corporate marketing means a single, quick success and celebrity endorsements, CCTV advertising, price war became acrylic display cabinet enterprises common tricks.
2 display cabinets industry is a typical industry fully competitive, vicious competition of the large number of low-end local enterprises and foreign brands inroads into the industry as a whole more difficult environment.

3 domestic brands confused, homogeneity is serious, the market is flooded with low-level competition.
Acrylic display cabinet industry after years of development, its own trend is gradually uncertain environment now can be considered the internal and external problems, opportunities and frustrations parallel showcase Gairuhezou vicious circle.
China's national conditions of our acrylic display industry in order to solve this vicious competition, must rely on each enterprise has a strong self-control, good national policy on the basis of the rapid development of these enterprises. Looking to the future, to the display industry in China is bigger and stronger.

The differences of Acrylic blister and molding injection

The differences of Acrylic blister and molding injection :

1. Price: Currently acrylic sheet price on the market is generally in the 25-30 yuan / kg, not only high unit price, the entire sheet in the production process is not high utilization, to cause cost amortization great.

2. Mold making: as we all know, the the acrylic plate positioning by vacuum suction pressure molding, even if it is the same word, different size different mold, mold making itself required accuracy of high-quality. Because the accuracy of the mold itself, the quality is directly related to the quality of acrylic products, mold making with a high level of technology, the need for experienced technical staff. Therefore, as mentioned above, the current plastic light boxes on the market has been in a higher price, the machining of the mold should be said that the most important technology.

3.It is a post-production. Recall, acrylic plastic production basically mechanized production, the application of some new equipment to improve production efficiency, greatly reducing the labor intensity. The basic shape of acrylic plastic materials, but also through the edge milling, engraving and milling, grinding and other processes, last Lightbox laying light source, and finished in the paint. The difference between acrylic injection molding and plastic, plastic products, low cost but good products than injection density performance appearance.

Dec 10, 2012

The development of the acrylic products in USA

Since the late 20th century, 90 years, the industry sales decline, but added in the mid-2000. Thus, 1.6% of the revenue is expected to go down beyond the 2007-2012 annual uniform. In 2012, the of acrylic products industry in the United States, encompassing 1739 operating revenue of $ 22.7 billion of the $ 210 million profit estimate will be released.
Industry wage estimates from 2007-2012 uniform annual 1.7% decline to $ 5 billion, employment is estimated at 2.2% uniform annual growth rate, according to the declaration. The number of enterprises is expected in 2017, the annual growth rate of 0.7% uniformly cut to 1,680 companies with a solid consequences.
acrylic products industry in the United States in 2012-2017 is estimated to be 2% improvement, but the plastic and metal alternatives will limit its carry basisacrylicproduct than to a declaration entitled manufactured in the United States from St. Mo Nika IBISWorld, California.
The declaration profiling four primary product categories: flat the acrylic press or blow acrylic, acrylic container and acrylic finished as a mirror, lighting and kitchenware, the purchase made ​​of acrylic.
In partial reason for the decline in domestic manufacturing imports, local reason is because the alternative packaging information, such as aluminum cans and plastic bottles, the acrylic container products of alternative, according to the declaration. Estimated that this trend will continue.
Car acrylic products demand continued weakness in the U.S. automotive yield uniform growth rate of 18.4% a year 2007-2010.
The tablet the acrylic segment of the total income evenly from 2007-2012 of 6.8% per year in the recession than to the construction industry consequences. What, then, the construction market is expected to pick up in demand for flat glass, the annual 5.5% during the 2012-2017 period.
Used in the manufacture of flat panel acrylic window While there is no competitive alternatives, building envelope structure covered in traditional cladding glass acrylic face of competition, such as steel, wood and bricks. However, acrylic, measure the envelope market share add snapped past decade, this trend is to continue, the declaration said.

Acrylic product in the magic show

Due to the unique properties of acrylic, so the application is very wide, but very few people know of acrylic products in use on a magic show, in fact, acrylic products is very good magic props. Here we introduce, Acrylic unique usefulness in the magic show.   
The magician often used some props, but these props are hidden authority, but do not give people easy to find. 2010 Spring Festival Evening Liu Qian's "ever-changing" magic not only with coins penetrate acrylic, and also reach out and get the money through the acrylic, Jijingsizuo. That this really is the magician magic you! No matter in powerful a magician, he is not God, when we watch the magic, live music, rhythm quickly, the audience seeking only the eyes are open wide focus. Ignore some small details, the magician will divert attention of the audience to follow the rhythm quickly do some of the hands and feet, gives incredible, I have a magic fans often look at some of the magic show, but based on beyond my understanding of the acrylic, I think Liu Qian's magic not only with coins penetrate Acrylic also reach out and get the money through the acrylic amazing, he certainly use Acrylic has the characteristics of a high degree of transparency, and easy processing characteristics. Acrylic above a rough idea, but I did not dare to write in-depth, after all, is the magic would be sufficient to give the audience curiosity and excitement! If you want to break or want to learn magic, you can also show very vivid, and only you are willing to put in some effort to learn, and I believe you can also go beyond Liu Qian.
Acrylic characteristics because he has often used the magic performances: acrylic cup, acrylic table, acrylic box, acrylic products, and so on. Whether it is a famous magician Liu Qian is the extraordinary magician, they can create the miracle of the magic, bring a shock to the audience, and that is the significance of their stage performances where.

Dec 5, 2012

Quality of mold steel faces new challenges

A few days ago, a survey released by the China Mould Industry Association, the basic mold manufacturing enterprises around is not the impact of the financial crisis (20%), have been affected or affect a lot of enterprises accounted for about 40%. The data show that in the mold sales in China last year, 95 billion yuan, an increase of 9.2% over the previous year, slowing down more than 10 percent increase over the previous year, the lowest growth rate since the statistics for 1984, China's mold industry.Crisis, adopted by the State Council, the equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan to enhance the mold and its technological level of manufacturing equipment as its focus on content, the in countries 16 major science and technology projects based equipment features items related to the mold project special also reflects the important position of the mold industry in the share of manufacturing. Industry experts believe that the stimulus package to boost domestic demand in the central range of opportunities to mold market suffers.
How to seize the opportunities of the 4 trillion yuan of total investment in construction projects, and turn into real orders of the mold industry? China Mould Industry Association, the experts pointed out that the face of unprecedented opportunities, the most fundamental problems of the development of China's mold industry solve mold materials and mold technology behind the status quo.
New opportunities bring new challenges "Performance, quality and variety of mold materials tend to affect the quality of the mold, life and cost, the domestic mold steel imported steel, both the quality and varieties and specifications, there is a wide gap between China Mould Industry Association executive director, senior engineer Zhou Yongtai, admits in an interview with this reporter.
Auto mold, for example, the rapid development of China's auto industry and mold industry mold material, quantity, quality, variety and performance more update requirements, such as high the standard mold steel user requirements materials have a very good impact toughness, residual elements controlled, high-quality, long-life.
Made tool steel due to the variety, size, quality, and performance reasons, and the international advanced level, there is a gap, China's annual 25% in high-grade mold must be imported from abroad.
Assab Tooling (Beijing) Co., Ltd., general manager of Ping Yingyu, a car from the microelectronic components to the body, tires, plastic, glass, copper, aluminum, steel and other various strength and surface state components, which an auto parts in the production process, if the requirements of each part of the physical properties, the appearance quality, etc. fully meet the design requirements, the quality of the mold must be guaranteed. The mold first asked the mold shall overall complete failure that mold shall overall cracking.
Secondly, the mold user requirements to produce the first piece and the last one automotive parts having the same physical properties, appearance and dimensional tolerances, and thus the mold material must be to ensure adequate strength.
With the development of the automobile lightweight, die-casting production tends to be higher the pressure, the more automated die casting machine production, therefore, working conditions worsened mold mold material, which requires excellent red Fengying Yu said, rigid (high temperature yield strength) and ductility (plasticity).
Die steel is indeed a problem that plagued mold manufacturers, especially for those large and medium-sized manufacturers of the mold module mold steel, the domestic mold steel optional and reliability are lower, can not meet the time requirements very tight project, therefore, had to use the higher cost of imported mold steel mold manufacturer. Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Trim Co., mold, general manager Wang Yaping think so.
New challenges highlights the large gap
Face just the rise of a huge market, the domestic iron and steel enterprises are full of emotion and embarrassment: Currently, the domestic mold steel can not meet all the demand for domestic mold industry.
Die Materials Committee of China Mould Industry Association official pointed out that the domestic the mold steel market has lagged behind in the development of the mold industry, is also not well adapted to the needs of mold manufacturing, mainly in the following aspects:
The first is backward, poor quality steel, die steel production process. Such as the intrinsic quality of the domestic versatility mold steel h13, d2, ld varieties can reach the American mold steel universal standard astma681 of an international general level, can basically meet the user's use of domestic and foreign general mold. High high standard mold steel user requirements, such as the impact toughness, low carbide partial control of residual elements, high-quality long-life requirements, is still unable to meet. Cold work die steel requirements at low temperatures with resistance to abrasion, anti-plastic Sex shaped, anti-whole cracking resistance to chipping, machining and grinding various performance. Plastic mold steel required to have a high-quality finish, corrosion resistance, resistance to wear, high thermal conductivity, machining, polishing, etching performance.
"It is the comparison shows a plastic mold technology at home and abroad, the foreign hardened steel die life 160 to 300 million times, only 50 to 100 million domestic, non-hardened steel die life domestic only half of the foreign quality of steel for this situation one of the reasons. "said Zhou Yongtai.
In addition, the new varieties of domestic mold steel. In recent years, some foreign famous mold steel producers developed a lot of new die steel, such as high strength and toughness mold steel, dh13, dh53, flame hardening mold steel, powder metallurgy cold work die steel, these high-performance mold steel has become the current international mold market the typical brand products. In contrast, the domestic high-performance new die steel less, less development of new varieties of mold steel.
There is not complete varieties and specifications. For example, accounted for 60% of the amount of mold steel, plastic mold steel, in our alloy tool steel standard, only two steel No. U.S. 7 steel number, and the formation of a more complete series of steel. Countries such as the United States, Japan, France and Switzerland, in the cold work die steel and hot work die steel form a series of hot work die steel only have six styling generic varieties made tool steel beyond.

The main advantage of the acrylic products

There are many advantages of acrylic products acrylic products, Let Acrylic main advantage with the highlights, so we introduce a more profound understanding of acrylic products, more comprehensive use and serve us with Acrylic.

, acrylic surface gloss. Bright luster, color durability over ten years. It is a the metal word or inkjet not compare. Plexiglass light boxes for example, the Beijing a McDonald's 82 years to do so far, like new, remarkable color saturation and durability and excellent external gloss in the sun kind of crystal clear, sparkling feel that customers from the flu One of the main reason why the concept on select plexiglass.

2, acrylic material light and strong outdoor the confession industry's plexiglass sheet: Use extreme superior light transmission, plus built-in light source, the brightness at night average, soft. The Plexiglass is incomparable with neon all glowing, Unlike neon lights luminous lines. And less neon light and soft.
3, Acrylic built-in light source: No external line, difficult to damage. Chapeau external line handled neon wiring exposed on the outside unsightly problem. Processing line, the light source revealed easily short-circuit in the air, sparking problem. And. In plexiglass tightness, and handle a rainy day less than her inability to turn on the lights. Rain and snow as usual use.
4, acrylic word plexiglass lightbox consistency: about this, Plexiglass, bollards molding thermoforming is warmed the plexiglass plate, through a variety of mold disposable pressure plastic or plastic molding unified sets of molds sets are the same or several products. Else, luster simply unified kinds of color number (for example: 136 red) color of the two plates are very consistent, is simply too close to the naked eye. This two sense, color consistency and uniformity and to facilitate business enterprise image promotion. Also facilitate businesses decoration, decorative storefront style consistent.
5, Acrylic physical function unchanged, anti-bump temperature variations to. This is also the plexiglass outdoor confession industry one of the main features. First of all, it has a strong anti-ultraviolet to one of the, which is the reason it will not fade. The else can resistance to high temperature 70 ° C. Low a 50 ° C. In this range, will not change type. Of the vast majority of geographical will not have this temperature difference. Outdoors, merchants can feel at ease to use.
6, thermoforming acrylic machining highly sexual (1): just speak the same type between 70 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, the temperature reaches the inevitable height, plexiglass plate agile softening. After softening, can be molded into various types of shape according to the shape of the mold via the pressure, cooling reaches the normal temperature, and the same physical function. (2) machining: cutting saws, drilling and other types of things can be used on plexiglass plate shaped processing. Flexibility relatively good.
In ordinary circumstances, the plexiglass plate will not crack (plexiglass analogy). In summary, plexiglass has many strengths, destined to its fulfillment in the outdoor the confession industry in. Can it not a drawback. Not satisfactory, the defects are as follows:
(1) the high cost, be compared with the metal word, inkjet, neon, high times or even 10 times the price.(2) Transport relatively trouble, whether it is organic information necessarily brittle, less than her inability to transport ordinary stack, the weight of the relatively good demand for packaging. Therefore high packaging cost.(3), brightness than direct table exposed neon, therefore, a very high high-rise construction, and requires a good word, brightness Lightbox. Plexiglass below standard. The norms allow root carving handicraft manufacturers have a headache.

Can Acrylic be anti-UV protection?

Acrylic can not filter out UV acrylic (PMMA), through 73% of UV.
Part of the acrylic sheet manufacturers in order to increase the effect of the UV filter and nature in the acrylic surface coating treatment. On the other hand, in the condition of ultraviolet irradiation, compared with PC, acrylic has a better stability. In fact, the nature of the ordinary acrylic relatively stable under outdoor conditions of long-term irradiation, irradiation time, more than a few years only slight discoloration, does not affect the use of the appearance and function of the entire product.

Acrylic widely used in our life

With the rapid development of this acrylic material, the application of acrylic products trend has been unable to resist. Can be seen in all walks of life use of plexiglass material figure, industrial, aerospace, household, promotional activities, advertising, etc., acrylic materials have been one of the essential material selection.

Office supplies industry: Acrylic card case, acrylic desk calendar holder, calendar holder, acrylic pen holder, penholder, stationery box, bookshelves, eyeglass frames, CD racks.

Cosmetics Industry: bottles of skin care products, make-up box, lip gloss, mask frame, nail polish bottles, etc..

Electronic product display rack Industry: phone display, digital camera display, DVD display, the computer display, and other electronic products display stand.
The food and beverage industry: restaurants, hotels, cafes and other food display, such as table cards, menus, tables, price lists, recommended new acrylic tissue box, toothpick box.

Trophy souvenir industry: used in a variety of cultural, units, and enterprises, and some other activities awards, medals prizes commemorate the build processing.

Identify the advertising industry: advertising brand name signage, product publicity signs, door signs, elevator floor licensing Tips card and so on.

Dec 3, 2012

Tips for how to mainten acrylic products

Acrylic easy to shape, not easily broken, lighter weight, compared to ordinary glass or plastic, Acrylic's very obvious advantages: very good light transmission, impact resistance. Because of these advantages, some countries in Europe and the United States, has asked the window glass of the children's activities with acrylic materials. Acrylic relative to another advantage of the glass is easy to process and can be heated to a hundred and eighty degrees softened, shaping, the temperature can be cooled to room temperature stereotypes. In addition, the acrylic material density than glass, much lighter than the same volume of glass quality.

Acrylic antioxidant properties also very good, not easily deformed and discolored. These advantages make the acrylic is widely used in home field, the bathtub surface of furniture, bookcases and other furniture products as well as the ceiling, wall decoration on. Household items made ​​with acrylic, can be a variety of colors, you can create different effects, although slightly higher compared to other materials Acrylic cost, but its color range, the hardness is much higher than the glass. In addition, the acrylic sheet through the built-in lighting or external lighting for home decor, there will be a different special effects. Acrylic decorative surface of the external lighting, the sense of light and strong, and built-in lighting make romantic visual effects rendering semi-transparent acrylic sheet.

Acrylic products and maintenance tips following four points:

1. The acrylic surface hardness aluminum considerable attention to the protection of its surface should pick and place, if you accidentally damage can be polished with abrasive, so you can return to the surface of the light degrees.
Maintain crystal clear acrylic products, soapy water with a soft cloth moistened with concentration of 1%.
3 When Acrylic heated to 100 degrees or more, that will soften, so you want to avoid using in place of more than 100 degrees.
4. Larger coefficient of thermal expansion of acrylic products, the placement or fixed, to consider the change in temperature, space should be left scalable.

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