Jun 1, 2013

Prospect of domestic hardware mould manufacturing prospects

China will gradually realize the change from the mold manufacturing power to mold manufacturing power, such consensus long-standing. Equipment manufacturing industry is the Chinese industry and the national economy "engine" and "heart", the equipment manufacturing industry, especially the major technical equipment, is the embodiment of a country's comprehensive national strength. The revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, the internationalization of developing the equipment manufacturing industry is the inevitable trend of.

2013 is China thoroughly implement the upgrading of a critical year for the development of emerging industries of strategic planning and the transformation of industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry will usher in an important period of development. Chinese equipment manufacturing industry will face the opportunity and challenge coexist, this is because in enter after 2013, although our country will continue to increase investment in large-scale infrastructure construction of high-speed rail and urban rail and so on, in order to stimulate domestic demand, but these must be a building from the tender to the procurement cycle, velocity slowly, to China have been growth decline of the equipment manufacturing industry, promote the short term effect.

Whether it is from the angle of the appreciation of the renminbi, or Chinese enterprises in recent years the cash flow accumulation and international acquisition ability to form perspective, it is a good time to promote Chinese enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions. While the equipment manufacturing enterprises in the overseas market, have a certain "wolf", do not have to always defend, can take the initiative, the court will play. At the same time, also need to previous work, carefully push forward the internationalization strategy.

In the national policy to encourage and support, all over the country to promote the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry mold making great efforts. China's economy has developed to the important transition period, and the mold equipment manufacturing industry is a national strategic transformation of a key pawn. China mold equipment manufacturing industry investment prospects.

Facing the global economic adjustment opportunity, Shandong in-depth implementation of high-quality and efficient industrial development strategy, through increased technological transformation efforts, realize the development of high-end manufacturing breakthrough, boosting the equipment manufacturing industry from large to strong. In 2012, Shandong mold manufacturing equipment technical transformation investment 100 billion yuan, accounting for more than 30% of industrial technology to investment. Increase due to mold the technical innovation investment and high-end industry breakthrough, since the fourth quarter, the province's equipment manufacturing industry development steadily.

The next five years, Xiangyang equipment manufacturing industry will be based on the national manufacturing industry upgrade development needs, develop innovation prominent, high added value, the market has a wide application foreground of high-end equipment and supporting industries, the output value exceeded 100 billion, to speed up the development of aviation and aerospace equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment, rail transportation equipment as the representative high-end equipment manufacturing industry cluster, sustained growth of metal products, casting and forging, mould, bearings and other general equipment manufacturing industry, and actively nurturing the development of electrical equipment, engineering machinery, environmental protection equipment, emergency rescue equipment, manufacturing and other characteristics of the equipment manufacturing industry, the formation of the "1358" key industry development, provide strong support for the building of hard "industry in Xiangyang". In response, Luo Baihui said, the future of import substitution trend of China's mold equipment manufacturing industry obviously. From the past industry experience, China mold equipment manufacturing industry low-end basic field has achieved domestically, domestic enterprises in the high-end field is by virtue of cost comparative advantage, channel, service gradually to replace imported, and is expected to go out of the country into the international market competition. Only in the presence of differentiated competitive advantage in cost, technology, sales channels and service and other aspects of the enterprise, to occupy the dominant position in the fierce market competition tends to. In the specific investment target selection, should focus on the margin of safety as well as some have the high growth potential of emerging high-end manufacturing field.

The extensive use of three types of die steel

Processing mould used, because the mold is of wide application, various working conditions vary widely, so the mold manufacturing, material range is very wide, is the most widely used in mold steel mold material. From the carbon structural steel, like carbon tool steel, alloy structural steel, spring steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed tool steel, heat-resistant stainless steel mold until adapt to the special need of maraging steel and high-speed steel powder, powder of high alloy die steel. Die steel according to use can generally be divided into cold die steel, hot die steel and plastic mould steel three categories.

1. cold work die steel
Cold work die steel is mainly used in the manufacture of mould pressing on the cold condition. Such as: cold punching mould, cold stamping die, drawing die, stamping die, extrusion die, the thread pressing mould and pressing die. Cold work die steel range is very wide, from a variety of carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed tool steel, high-speed tool steel to powder and powder of high alloy die steel.

2. hot work die steel
Hot work die steel used for mould manufacturing pressure on the workpiece machining under high temperature. Such as: hot forging die, hot extrusion die, die casting, hot forging die. Common hot die steel are: alloy die steel Cr, W, Mo added, V and other alloy elements in high carbon content; for the special requirements of the hot work die steel, sometimes using austenitic heat resistant mould steel high alloy manufacture.
3. plastic die steel
Because a lot of plastic varieties, there is also a great difference of plastic products of plastic mold manufacturing, the material is also presented for various performance requirements. Therefore, many developed countries have formed a wide range of plastic die steel series. Including carbon structural steel, carburizing, plastic mould steel prehardened plastic mould steel, aging hardening plastic mould steel, corrosion resistant plastic die steel, plastic die steel, easy to cut overall hardened plastic-mould steel, maraging steel and mirror polishing plastic mould steel.

Apr 27, 2013

How to distinguish two-color molds and rubber mold

A. Double color mould: injection two kinds of plastic materials in the same injection machine, two molding products, but only die once. This is also called double injection molding process, usually by a set of mould, and the need of two-color injection molding machine specialized. Wilson two-color die

B. package of plastic mold (two molding): two kinds of plastic material is not necessarily in the same injection machine molding, molding die two times; product is taken out from a mold, and then into another set of second injection molding mold. Therefore, the completion of the general of the molding process usually consists of 2 sets of molds, without the need for two-color injection molding machine specialized. Bao Jiaomo

Two-color molds and rubber mold overview: rubber mold in the design should pay attention to location of hard plastic, it needs reliable sealing glue and glue pieces have inverse gradient pore, prevent pull plastic deformation. Double color mould are increasingly popular on the market, in this process can make the product more beautiful easy to change color, but can not spray, but expensive, high technical requirements.

The two form of 1.Cavity is different, respectively, forming 1 kinds of products. While the two form Core exactly the same. Before, after the mold 2 mold with the center of rotation of the 180o, must be identical. Design must do the test action. 3 note top pinhole location, the minimum distance of 210mm. The mould shall be appropriately increase the number of ejector rod hole. And, because of the injection molding machine itself comes with a thimble is not long enough, so we must design mold lengthened thimble, thimble grow mold bottom about 150mm. After the board must design the 2 positioning rings. The total thickness of 4 front panel cannot be less than 170mm and A board. Other reference data, please carefully check the type of injection molding machine for example, maximum mold thickness, the minimum allowable mold thickness, top stick hole distance. Nozzle 5 three-plate mold can best designed to automatically release action. Special attention should be paid to release action soft nozzle is *. The depth of 6 SPRUE more than 65mm not front. The upper (gate) the top of the SPRUE to the mold center distance of not less than 150mm. 7 in the design of the second injection of CAVITY, in order to avoid CAVITY insert (or brush) injury first has good forming product glue, can design a part to avoid empty. It must be carefully considered every bit of strength sealing glue, namely: in injection, whether there will be under great pressure in injection molding, plastic deformation, leading to the second injection may have a number of front possible? 8 injection, the first injection molding product size can be slightly larger, so that it can communicate with another CAVITY pressed more tightly in the second molding, in order to achieve the effect of sealing glue. 9 note in the second injection molding, plastic flow impulse whether first has good molding products, so that the plastic deformation? If that is possible, we must think of a way to improve the. In A 10, B plate mold, should pay attention to whether the former mode Slider or Lifter will be reset and the crushed products? So, must think of a way to make the A, B plate mold, after the first mode SLIDER or LIFET to reset. Water transport arrangement of 11 two CAVITY and CORE try to make full, balanced, and as. The 12.99% situation is hard plastic part injection molding products and injection molding products, the soft part. Because plastic deformation.

The competition on the mould market is becoming more and more stronger

Now the hardware mold has strong competitiveness, and the biggest advantages and strengths is that private enterprises, but also in the traditional industry, to enter the high-end market is inseparable from the high-tech. With the development of hardware mould industry in our country, from the increasingly fierce competition, the hardware mold industry disorderly competition began to appear, low cost, hardware structure of product quality and technical content is not high defects are also increasingly exposed.

The metal mold industry nineteen sixties began to rise in Dongguan, in the late 80 peak. The metal mold industry doorsill is low at that time, also do not need what technology, 30000 yuan buy some old equipment can open a family workshop-style hardware mold factory. After 40 years of development, all kinds of hardware, mold processing enterprises have over 10000, the vast majority are labor intensive enterprises.

At present, domestic private enterprises mold generally has advanced equipment, technology is advanced, the new technology can be widely used in the industry, rapid, related to the material, heat treatment production from design and manufacture, the formation of the industrial chain, integration advantages. The current hardware mold enterprises due to lack of funds and lack of its own brand, hardware mold enterprises to strengthen management and technical transformation investment, expand the proportion of high-end products, and the establishment of the domestic sector, actively expand the domestic market.

In the international market competition is becoming increasingly fierce die-casting die situation, the Japanese die industry in an effort to reduce the production cost. In the size of the market, regardless of production or domestic demand to economic recession in Japan is the most obvious. The Japanese mold manufacturers pay more attention to polishing and grinding process in the technology, the German die manufacturers to improve accuracy and efficiency of machining and electrical discharge machining, in order to reduce the manual processing time. Now the Japanese die industry is gradually will die technology content is not high to the human in areas of low cost production, only in the domestic production of high technology content of products, the Japanese speed up the transfer abroad of the trend, the Japanese domestic die-casting mold use reduction.

Experts believe that the United States, Germany, Japan, the global production strong domestic demand gradually decline and increased costs, these countries are making mold manufacturers began to shift production, and gradually open up the Chinese market. Hopes that China's cheap labor and materials procurement costs to increase profits.

But the mould production company of these countries once East, then it will make the design and manufacturing technology of mold of the national intangible outflow. It must again be substantial investment in R & D costs to strengthen its mold the competitiveness of their products, which opened its differences with the Chinese mold products.

Feb 8, 2013

Waste plexiglass products processing method

Over the years, with the extensive application of plexiglass products, people began to realize that this new material brought us great convenience and enrich our lives, and also add a beautiful color to our night. Here to explain discarded plexiglass products processing methods:

Separation decomposition technology. For now, in this context the foreign technology is relatively mature, can be added by the plexiglass processing the amount of resin, and its melting point, a softening point of the same, we can use the technology extracting the resin, can make a perfect utilization , of course, it will not harm the atmospheric environment, land resources.

Crafts. Speaking of this may be a bit confused, how will have handicrafts approach it, this is only in a small number of enthusiasts, they abandoned plexiglass products to produce a wide variety of arts and crafts, artsy, and of course this is not the most important they ultimately wanted to express the rational use of aging, abandoned plexiglass products.
Incineration and landfill. This can be said is the most common way, on top of his foreign widely used in the country is not suitable for incineration landfill, environmental pollution and waste of land resources.

Acrylic jewelry care and maintenance

As we all know, the acrylic material with light weight, cheap, easy molding, etc., plus the high transparency of the material, like crystal generally has good transparency and toughness, is widely used in various fields, of course, it's these advantages also makes it an important material for making fashion jewelry. Now we buy all kinds of good-looking jewelry acrylic material, in order to make it for a long time to keep moving luster, its care and maintenance.

So how maintenance of acrylic jewelry and maintained? Following is a brief introduction in several ways:
First, cleaning. Acrylic food if not through a special treatment, or the addition of a wear-resistant material, which in itself is relatively easy to be worn, scratched. So dust processing, as long as we wash with a soft brush or water it, and then use a soft cloth to wipe clean, should the oil slick on the surface, you can use mild detergent and water, wipe with a soft cloth.

Second, the waxing. To make acrylic jewelry glamorous, you can use liquid polishing wax, wipe with a soft cloth uniform like.
Third, the adhesion. If our jewelry is accidentally damaged, you can connect with methylene chloride-based adhesives or quick-drying class binder can be.

Fourth, the polishing. If our jewelry is accidentally scratched, or surface wear, but not very serious polishing machine can be used appropriately marked with polishing wax, uniform polishing can.

Jan 20, 2013

Acrylic is the ideal material for engraving process

Acrylic is one of the most ideal carving material, because acrylic has its unique physical properties with the chemical properties of acrylic processing Regardless engraving machine "cut", "milling", "carving", "engraved" "Diamond" five processing which a processing method, plexiglass processing has excellent workability or plasticity. No doubt acrylic products become ideal carving material.

Acrylic materials has been the ideal material for carving machine with plexiglass as a test appliance, model, POP advertising ornaments, trinkets, art lamps, craft gifts, souvenirs, etc. This good tools and good materials intimate combination is bound to produce flowers like Kam variety of excellent products.

Focus on screen printing for acrylic nameplate

Acrylic nameplate in the process, often need to screen printing, screen printing in the acrylic nameplate production process is very important, we need to pay attention to what issues below for details Note acrylic processing screen printing.
1.The import sensitive adhesive fine stencil making, we must choose the high resolving power and high tension, low elongation import mesh. Japan Murakami production of SBQ the single fluid sensitive glue NBC Mesh and other brand-name products, although the price is more expensive than domestic, but produced clear screen graphic neat edge, but also to ensure a multicolor overprint or four-color network printing position accuracy. Such as the text is too small, the line is very thin, can be a 350 mesh screen, the same time, it should be equipped with grinding smooth the imported ink or light-curable inks.
2. color screen printing, generally by virtue of the experience of printers for each batch utilize Mesh, photographic film thickness is not the same, often caused by the color cast of the printed product, "barrels of ink color is not prospective, see real Yan "after the scraping of the last version of the truth is. Therefore, each batch of live test India with Shaizhi good Screen shot samples, customer confirmation consistent with the original color, in order to enter the formal printing.
3. large-format painting must screen printing machine printing, small format available inhale ink pad printing. Printing process, should remain the six consistent with: a multicolor screen mesh distance should be consistent; b squeegee speed consistent; c squeegee pressure consistent; the d ink viscosity consistent; e. Manually size blade squeegee hardness consistent; f. temperature and humidity of the pressroom consistent.
4. Sided organic board signs should be used in a transparent plate, the use of anti-Indian, to be graphic printing is completed, and then cover the printed layer of background, the adhesive must use screen printing glue between the two poles. Typically with 80 to 100 mesh, nylon mesh, waterborne photosensitive plastic production network version can be side printing can also be printed on both sides, until the screen printing plastic color translucent (about 20 ~~ 30min) both sides aligned bonding together. Bond line is not subject to the influence of the mechanical polishing.
5. Multicolor overprint, in order to ensure the accuracy of overlay guaranteed Graphic Version size is the same premise, can be the size of the other version of the appropriate scaling (scaling dimensions shall not exceed 0.1 to 0.2mm). When printing, deep pressure light version, the graphical version compressed put Edition, so that when organic crop are not allowed to board or manually put the plate positioning block convergence adverse overlay accuracy.
6. the printing ink should be used in high gloss, abrasion acrylic inks, especially not in the surface printing use matte ink, because the ink is not rubbing, color is not bright. For outdoor light box signs, you should also use the imported good lightfastness ink, resistant to strong light, extending its life.
7. Proofing film can not use a laser printout or sulfuric acid paper is issued instead, must be professional factory output the Zhengyang or anti-male film, each output to output a blank with positioning crosshair film. Plate burning, the the first blank crosshairs film with a transparent adhesive tape on the glass, the other colors of the film should take this as the basis, so sun screen position in order to be consistent.

8. Acrylic size cut to be consistent, the two adjacent sides of a 90 ° angle and thickness uniformity. According to the the printed screen size, appropriate aside margin to be printed after cutting the excess amount of edge. Multicolor overprint or four-color printing, magnetic white or transparent organic board should be used. Magnetic whiteboard used for positive print, the transparent plate for verso printing. Sand panel is not ready own plate, with a plain glass plate sand surface ink printed indoor display, matte signage
9. often a lot of static electricity and dust, dust the surface of organic films such as adhesion on the screen will cause the text blocks of color incomplete, appear scrap. Therefore, the printing must be conducted in a clean and dust-free room. Surface dust can be divided into two steps removed first with a damp cotton cloth to wipe off the dust on the surface, then brush with electrostatic dust or dust removal roller brush residual dust. Printing, side printed side check if the problem, the timely liquidation screen printing.
10. domestic large and medium-sized shopping centers products (cosmetics, jewelery, watches) advertising frame more than the pursuit of the matte effect, in order to set off the bright and colorful merchandise. Manufacturers of acrylic panels do not have this board, choice of plain glass plates or transparent plate ink printed directly on the sand surface treatment, you will be presented when the ink dries, sand sense of matte effect. (Note: There are matte surface acrylic, but the cost is relatively high. Another way is to paste the translucent glass film)

Jan 8, 2013

Tips for decontaminatation during silkscreen on acrylic products

Acrylic processing some acrylic products need to be the acrylic silk screen, but when the graphic printed parts on dirt or screen printing ink drying solid, such as screen printing acrylic signs, you deal with wire mesh decontamination treatment to stop printing machine after the screen frame lift, when some operators will use the force of emery cloth dipped in solvent under fierce rub template side, you can hear sound big pressroom, often stencil damaged.
A truly knowledgeable operator rarely go rubbing template graphic printing surface, because he knew that the clarity of the printed graphics all graphic edge clear emulsion layer graphic interface. The force of friction will damage the emulsion layer graphic interface, even to wipe emulsion layer, leaving only the bare mesh.
Acrylic processing printing the high screen color image, the thread below emulsifier film only 5-6μm thick wire diameter of the mesh itself perhaps only 30μm, unable to withstand the force of friction. Therefore, the key to avoid boorish decontamination is the first, to prevent contamination of the template is.
The template pollution caused most important reason is the ink properly controlled, resulting in dry ink to stay in the mesh. When using solvent-based inks or water-based inks, the reason is the transfer ink is too thin or too thick. Should be in accordance with the provisions of the amount of transfer ink mixed with additives. Addition, but also in print production, often a small amount of addition of the pre-tuned ink to keep ink change Hua. UV curable inks, efforts should be made to avoid the wire mesh by UV light exposure, but also to avoid the sun shines.
Another ink control problems with printing speed regulation is improper. Automatic or manual presses speed regulation improperly can cause uneven for the amount, so that the mesh by ink dry quickly. The final reason is cause the ink to dry squeegee tone set improperly or have been worn to the high screen printed subtle level image requires scraping edge is very sharp squeegee horizontal angle of approximately 75 degrees . Squeegee deformation or wear occurs in normal use, the sharpness of the image of the vicinity will be decreased, which indicates that the ink may not normally through the mesh, if this problem is not solved, the ink dry solid in net hole. To avoid such problems, you should regularly flip the squeegee to extend its scraping ink side of the life of, or change in the quality text and graphics yet to fall before the new squeegee.
In order to the mesh function properly, but also should pay attention to clean up the dirt ink or plexiglass. Electrostatic adsorption of air pollutants, and poor storage conditions and other reasons, the acrylic surface stained with dirt, the above problem can be solved by improving the storage conditions and process control, In addition to use in addition to electrostatic and acrylic processing decontamination device also prevents dust and dirt from the surface of acrylic transferred to net hole.
If the template is contaminated should be how to deal with it?, Platform screen printing machine, after India finished a set of sheets printer to stop, and then enter a blotter, contact screen with blotter., So the screen at the printing position, then moistened with screen cleaner, non-abrasive soft cloth to wipe off the dirt on the stencil wiper, do not use too much force, so that the dirt will be through the mesh falls below the absorbent paper, an absorbent paper can be reused, if necessary repeat the cleaning mesh. Some fall on the top of the dirt particles may be large, the mesh can not be crossed, but with a soft cloth which can be sticky from. After the cleaning, hair dryer available (transferred to the "cold") drying template.Cleaning cylinder screen printing machine, will encounter different situations. Due to the design structure, not like the cleaning of common screen printing machine as dirt washing fall on absorbent paper. Fortunately, because of faster printing speed, ink drying mesh unlikely. If this happens, the first in India a group of live pieces presses to stop, and then with a soft non-abrasive cloth screen cleaner or thinner dip coated in the top of the printed graphic parts of the template, note Do not leave too much detergent the top of the template. In this case the purpose is to scrub the solvent used within the cell dirt.Fourth, sometimes you have to clear the dirt of the template below. In this case, you should wipe with a soft cloth and gently dirt, do not force while fierce.

Four tips of plexiglass brochure holders maintenance

1. Choose good quality plexiglass material.

2. How to deal with scratch of plexiglass brochure holders: Plexiglass processing plexiglass scratch the surface of the article, or less obvious damage, general sanding, grinding time also pay attention to ring mobile sandpaper, and the fineness of the sand should be controlled, and finally with toothpaste wipes can.

3. Plexiglass processing and packing. Recycled materials in the plexiglass plate easier than new material soluble in organic solvents that fill in the engraving after the paint is often the slightest crack in order to better solve this problem, we generally choose. Resins pigment; 2 Choose amino paint (chemical shop sale); polished. fill paint.

4. Plexiglass the information frame processing electrostatic. Plexiglass products easy to produce static electricity, will be attached after the small debris or dust, so the need to use in silkscreen or fill paint before stained with 1% soapy water and a soft cotton cloth to wipe clean, in order to ensure clean.

The introduction of acrylic hot bending processing

Acrylic bending machine real name as it is a plastic plate bending machine for acrylic, plexiglass, PC, PVC, and other plastic sheet processing technology equipment. Through the of angle accurate positioning, using state-of-the-art infrared heating, water circulation cooling system, automatic instant molding with quasi-angle, speed, high efficiency, and deformation of the workpiece, the paste board, not sparkling. The products are widely ads decoration industry, acrylic products industry and other fields, and greatly improve the production process of the plastic plate.

Product Features:1, the angular positioning accuracy, adjustable
2, energy-saving infrared heating temperature According plate nature can be adjusted
According to the material properties, set the time, the temperature automatically and instantly forming
4, the water temperature alarm, leakage protection features to ensure safe operation
5, the heating of the water cycle cooling system mobile platform
6, with the measuring scale to ensure standardization of mass production workpiece
7, bending the workpiece is smooth and no scratches, no distortion, no paste board, not sparkling
8 and intelligent operation panel, easy to operate

Application: Decoration Exhibition, the underside of the billboards, package square columns, cylindrical door, windows and doors, display cabinets, supermarket shelves, acrylic plate bending molding process processing side.