Nov 25, 2014

The polishing method for acrylic products

Most of acrylic products need the polishing process during producing.  After polishing grinding, acrylic products become more beautiful and shiny, bright as new. We usually use diamond polishing and flame polishing methods.

 1.  Diamond polishing

Planing and sanding acrylic products to make the surface smooth, also can use diamond polishing machine. Diamond polishing only produce very few heat during working, generally will not make acrylic residual stress. If the acrylic surface roughness, such as cutting section, need to be planed and / or grinding surface to a flat object before polishing.

 2 . Flame polishing

We need to use oxyhydrogen flame, and a flame nozzle holes to do it. Flame polishing make quite acrylic polishing surface smooth, commonly used in the fault plane polishing. The rough surface, need to be planed and / or sanding object surface to a flat, and then to flame polishing. Flame moving average rate of about 6 m/min.. Moving average rate is slow, the polished surface smoothness is better; but the movement is too slow, the polished surface may burn or bubble. It must be noted that, flame polishing will make acrylic residual stress. The follow-up after surface treatment, may lead to cracking.

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