Dec 20, 2012

Teach you how to use the tools of acrylic plastic scraper

Acrylic screen printing, ink through the screen transfer to the substrate? How to scrape off the excess ink from the wire-line? How to keep the contact wire mesh substrates lines? A series of questions channeling took us a bit to get to know acrylic silk screen tools, and how to use the the acrylic plastic scraper tools!

How can I print out high-quality prints. Select scraper is very important, especially scraper physical properties play a decisive role, only give full consideration to the scraper and squeegee performance factors to produce high-quality acrylic products. Below to talk about the impact of plastic hanging several factors.

1, the shape of the squeegee
The cross-sectional shape of the squeegee squeegee. Most squeegee shape just a simple square scraping, the other shapes squeegee for specific printing conditions. For example, the a hard squeegee performance than soft gum scraping good, but the ability to adapt to the substrates. With oblique scraping the printing edges easily deformed.
Squeegee for printing workers select three shapes: the scraping edge side scraper (or right-angle), the various oblique scraping and round scraping (horns scraping). Side scraping a wider scope of application, and can provide a maximum pressure of printing, printing point of view, as the effective width given. Oblique scraping to provide maximum flexibility, the printing pressure is reduced, and the printing point is smaller than the set angle. Worst circular scraping adaptive minimum, providing the printing pressure, the printing angle can be set freely (RB is the smallest angle). Above reasons will affect the amount of ink.
2, the choice of the knife-edge
The incision is completed squeegee play an important part of the four functions. The sharpness of the squeegee is initially under the control of the amount of ink a factor. Sharp scraper to provide a minimum lower ink and the most sophisticated image. Blunt the knife-edge of the circle, the next increase in the amount of ink, will also affect the color and fine lines.

3, the hardness of the factors
The squeegee is usually made from polyurethane, hardness tester to measure the softness of the squeegee. Squeegee squeegee hardness, size and scraper shape bending resistance, flexibility and pressure. Hardness ranging from 55 degrees to 90 degrees (Shore A). The hardness value of the Shore A hardness meter. 55A-65A is a low hard plastic scraping, 66A-75A in hard, more than 75A is a high hard.
High hardness squeegee is very beneficial to the first three of the squeegee, ink is pressed into the screen and ink transfer to the substrate from the fine stencil, and keep the line contact of the wire mesh substrates. High hardness squeegee only defects can not meet the printing substrates of different shapes, printing rough surface and smooth surface is also very high quality requirements of the squeegee.

4, the effective width
Refers the gum scraping loaded aluminum scraping the handle protruding from aluminum scraping handle, squeegee width. This width is very important to determine the bending degree of the squeegee under pressure. The degree of curvature is the values ​​of the effective width of the Cube. As twice the effective width of the bending degree of greater than 23.

Squeegee bending will cause two changes: the angle between the squeegee and the screen changes; delivered to the printing on the substrates reduced pressure. Such as squeegee likened to a set of springs, spring began to bend when the spring force angled, the preaching force is getting smaller and smaller. Reduce the angle of squeegee printing, printing pressure, printing result is not satisfactory. Small angle of printing, the printing pressure decreases, the the next ink large amount of ink layer thickness. (In this case, the printing operation will increase the printing pressure, increased bending of the squeegee, the resulting ink layer is still not ideal solution is to increase in the hardness of the squeegee, the squeegee angle increases.) This is effective Squeegee The width of the impact of the four major functions of the squeegee.

Usually effective squeegee width 20MM to 30MM. The best choice of the effective width of the screen image resolution based on the flatness of the substrate, and other printing parameters such as: squeegee angle, speed and ink types. The high resolving power of the image printed in the flat / smooth substrates, effective width of the small (less than 20mm), high hardness, printed with a suitable ink quickly. Uneven, rough substrates, the effective width to increase (and sometimes large sub-30MM), lower hardness, low hardness squeegee adaptability, not bend, can also use the soft middle hard on both sides of the three-scraping or double layer scratch. Typically, the effective width is increased, the printing speed is reduced, and to increase the printing point.

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