May 21, 2014

How to find a good display stands supplier?

Maybe you have a good idea for a point of sales display stands, but you don't know how to let it become to true from drawing, because you don't know which maker can be trusted.  How to find a proper supplier from the millions of factory in the world? Now there is some tips for you.

1. Quality Assurance
Quality is the most important for most businessmen. Noboday can bear to use money buy rubbish. So the supplier must can promise "Quality assurance". When you are not satisfactory with the goods because the poor quality, just tell them and show the proof, they will rework or remake for you without any excuses.

2. Reasonable price

Reasonable price is much better than cheapest price. You got what you paid. No businessmen want to lose money just because he want to get your order. When he realize that the order will let him lose money, he will have to use worse material and reduce the manpower to save the cost.

3. Good service

Customers always are gods, the words are not right in different factory. Sometimes, the suppliers only service you well before he got the order and got the payment, after that, some of them will loose patience to keep going. So you need to do more test to identify the really good ones.

4. Short delivery time

Time is money, everybody knows it well. So you must get your display stands fast, occupy the market earlier, then yon can win the war.

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