Dec 10, 2012

Acrylic product in the magic show

Due to the unique properties of acrylic, so the application is very wide, but very few people know of acrylic products in use on a magic show, in fact, acrylic products is very good magic props. Here we introduce, Acrylic unique usefulness in the magic show.   
The magician often used some props, but these props are hidden authority, but do not give people easy to find. 2010 Spring Festival Evening Liu Qian's "ever-changing" magic not only with coins penetrate acrylic, and also reach out and get the money through the acrylic, Jijingsizuo. That this really is the magician magic you! No matter in powerful a magician, he is not God, when we watch the magic, live music, rhythm quickly, the audience seeking only the eyes are open wide focus. Ignore some small details, the magician will divert attention of the audience to follow the rhythm quickly do some of the hands and feet, gives incredible, I have a magic fans often look at some of the magic show, but based on beyond my understanding of the acrylic, I think Liu Qian's magic not only with coins penetrate Acrylic also reach out and get the money through the acrylic amazing, he certainly use Acrylic has the characteristics of a high degree of transparency, and easy processing characteristics. Acrylic above a rough idea, but I did not dare to write in-depth, after all, is the magic would be sufficient to give the audience curiosity and excitement! If you want to break or want to learn magic, you can also show very vivid, and only you are willing to put in some effort to learn, and I believe you can also go beyond Liu Qian.
Acrylic characteristics because he has often used the magic performances: acrylic cup, acrylic table, acrylic box, acrylic products, and so on. Whether it is a famous magician Liu Qian is the extraordinary magician, they can create the miracle of the magic, bring a shock to the audience, and that is the significance of their stage performances where.

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