Dec 10, 2012

The development of the acrylic products in USA

Since the late 20th century, 90 years, the industry sales decline, but added in the mid-2000. Thus, 1.6% of the revenue is expected to go down beyond the 2007-2012 annual uniform. In 2012, the of acrylic products industry in the United States, encompassing 1739 operating revenue of $ 22.7 billion of the $ 210 million profit estimate will be released.
Industry wage estimates from 2007-2012 uniform annual 1.7% decline to $ 5 billion, employment is estimated at 2.2% uniform annual growth rate, according to the declaration. The number of enterprises is expected in 2017, the annual growth rate of 0.7% uniformly cut to 1,680 companies with a solid consequences.
acrylic products industry in the United States in 2012-2017 is estimated to be 2% improvement, but the plastic and metal alternatives will limit its carry basisacrylicproduct than to a declaration entitled manufactured in the United States from St. Mo Nika IBISWorld, California.
The declaration profiling four primary product categories: flat the acrylic press or blow acrylic, acrylic container and acrylic finished as a mirror, lighting and kitchenware, the purchase made ​​of acrylic.
In partial reason for the decline in domestic manufacturing imports, local reason is because the alternative packaging information, such as aluminum cans and plastic bottles, the acrylic container products of alternative, according to the declaration. Estimated that this trend will continue.
Car acrylic products demand continued weakness in the U.S. automotive yield uniform growth rate of 18.4% a year 2007-2010.
The tablet the acrylic segment of the total income evenly from 2007-2012 of 6.8% per year in the recession than to the construction industry consequences. What, then, the construction market is expected to pick up in demand for flat glass, the annual 5.5% during the 2012-2017 period.
Used in the manufacture of flat panel acrylic window While there is no competitive alternatives, building envelope structure covered in traditional cladding glass acrylic face of competition, such as steel, wood and bricks. However, acrylic, measure the envelope market share add snapped past decade, this trend is to continue, the declaration said.

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