Dec 20, 2012

The differences of Acrylic blister and molding injection

The differences of Acrylic blister and molding injection :

1. Price: Currently acrylic sheet price on the market is generally in the 25-30 yuan / kg, not only high unit price, the entire sheet in the production process is not high utilization, to cause cost amortization great.

2. Mold making: as we all know, the the acrylic plate positioning by vacuum suction pressure molding, even if it is the same word, different size different mold, mold making itself required accuracy of high-quality. Because the accuracy of the mold itself, the quality is directly related to the quality of acrylic products, mold making with a high level of technology, the need for experienced technical staff. Therefore, as mentioned above, the current plastic light boxes on the market has been in a higher price, the machining of the mold should be said that the most important technology.

3.It is a post-production. Recall, acrylic plastic production basically mechanized production, the application of some new equipment to improve production efficiency, greatly reducing the labor intensity. The basic shape of acrylic plastic materials, but also through the edge milling, engraving and milling, grinding and other processes, last Lightbox laying light source, and finished in the paint. The difference between acrylic injection molding and plastic, plastic products, low cost but good products than injection density performance appearance.

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