Dec 3, 2012

Tips for how to mainten acrylic products

Acrylic easy to shape, not easily broken, lighter weight, compared to ordinary glass or plastic, Acrylic's very obvious advantages: very good light transmission, impact resistance. Because of these advantages, some countries in Europe and the United States, has asked the window glass of the children's activities with acrylic materials. Acrylic relative to another advantage of the glass is easy to process and can be heated to a hundred and eighty degrees softened, shaping, the temperature can be cooled to room temperature stereotypes. In addition, the acrylic material density than glass, much lighter than the same volume of glass quality.

Acrylic antioxidant properties also very good, not easily deformed and discolored. These advantages make the acrylic is widely used in home field, the bathtub surface of furniture, bookcases and other furniture products as well as the ceiling, wall decoration on. Household items made ​​with acrylic, can be a variety of colors, you can create different effects, although slightly higher compared to other materials Acrylic cost, but its color range, the hardness is much higher than the glass. In addition, the acrylic sheet through the built-in lighting or external lighting for home decor, there will be a different special effects. Acrylic decorative surface of the external lighting, the sense of light and strong, and built-in lighting make romantic visual effects rendering semi-transparent acrylic sheet.

Acrylic products and maintenance tips following four points:

1. The acrylic surface hardness aluminum considerable attention to the protection of its surface should pick and place, if you accidentally damage can be polished with abrasive, so you can return to the surface of the light degrees.
Maintain crystal clear acrylic products, soapy water with a soft cloth moistened with concentration of 1%.
3 When Acrylic heated to 100 degrees or more, that will soften, so you want to avoid using in place of more than 100 degrees.
4. Larger coefficient of thermal expansion of acrylic products, the placement or fixed, to consider the change in temperature, space should be left scalable.

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