Dec 5, 2012

The main advantage of the acrylic products

There are many advantages of acrylic products acrylic products, Let Acrylic main advantage with the highlights, so we introduce a more profound understanding of acrylic products, more comprehensive use and serve us with Acrylic.

, acrylic surface gloss. Bright luster, color durability over ten years. It is a the metal word or inkjet not compare. Plexiglass light boxes for example, the Beijing a McDonald's 82 years to do so far, like new, remarkable color saturation and durability and excellent external gloss in the sun kind of crystal clear, sparkling feel that customers from the flu One of the main reason why the concept on select plexiglass.

2, acrylic material light and strong outdoor the confession industry's plexiglass sheet: Use extreme superior light transmission, plus built-in light source, the brightness at night average, soft. The Plexiglass is incomparable with neon all glowing, Unlike neon lights luminous lines. And less neon light and soft.
3, Acrylic built-in light source: No external line, difficult to damage. Chapeau external line handled neon wiring exposed on the outside unsightly problem. Processing line, the light source revealed easily short-circuit in the air, sparking problem. And. In plexiglass tightness, and handle a rainy day less than her inability to turn on the lights. Rain and snow as usual use.
4, acrylic word plexiglass lightbox consistency: about this, Plexiglass, bollards molding thermoforming is warmed the plexiglass plate, through a variety of mold disposable pressure plastic or plastic molding unified sets of molds sets are the same or several products. Else, luster simply unified kinds of color number (for example: 136 red) color of the two plates are very consistent, is simply too close to the naked eye. This two sense, color consistency and uniformity and to facilitate business enterprise image promotion. Also facilitate businesses decoration, decorative storefront style consistent.
5, Acrylic physical function unchanged, anti-bump temperature variations to. This is also the plexiglass outdoor confession industry one of the main features. First of all, it has a strong anti-ultraviolet to one of the, which is the reason it will not fade. The else can resistance to high temperature 70 ° C. Low a 50 ° C. In this range, will not change type. Of the vast majority of geographical will not have this temperature difference. Outdoors, merchants can feel at ease to use.
6, thermoforming acrylic machining highly sexual (1): just speak the same type between 70 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, the temperature reaches the inevitable height, plexiglass plate agile softening. After softening, can be molded into various types of shape according to the shape of the mold via the pressure, cooling reaches the normal temperature, and the same physical function. (2) machining: cutting saws, drilling and other types of things can be used on plexiglass plate shaped processing. Flexibility relatively good.
In ordinary circumstances, the plexiglass plate will not crack (plexiglass analogy). In summary, plexiglass has many strengths, destined to its fulfillment in the outdoor the confession industry in. Can it not a drawback. Not satisfactory, the defects are as follows:
(1) the high cost, be compared with the metal word, inkjet, neon, high times or even 10 times the price.(2) Transport relatively trouble, whether it is organic information necessarily brittle, less than her inability to transport ordinary stack, the weight of the relatively good demand for packaging. Therefore high packaging cost.(3), brightness than direct table exposed neon, therefore, a very high high-rise construction, and requires a good word, brightness Lightbox. Plexiglass below standard. The norms allow root carving handicraft manufacturers have a headache.

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