Dec 5, 2012

Acrylic widely used in our life

With the rapid development of this acrylic material, the application of acrylic products trend has been unable to resist. Can be seen in all walks of life use of plexiglass material figure, industrial, aerospace, household, promotional activities, advertising, etc., acrylic materials have been one of the essential material selection.

Office supplies industry: Acrylic card case, acrylic desk calendar holder, calendar holder, acrylic pen holder, penholder, stationery box, bookshelves, eyeglass frames, CD racks.

Cosmetics Industry: bottles of skin care products, make-up box, lip gloss, mask frame, nail polish bottles, etc..

Electronic product display rack Industry: phone display, digital camera display, DVD display, the computer display, and other electronic products display stand.
The food and beverage industry: restaurants, hotels, cafes and other food display, such as table cards, menus, tables, price lists, recommended new acrylic tissue box, toothpick box.

Trophy souvenir industry: used in a variety of cultural, units, and enterprises, and some other activities awards, medals prizes commemorate the build processing.

Identify the advertising industry: advertising brand name signage, product publicity signs, door signs, elevator floor licensing Tips card and so on.

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